Our Certified Organic Espresso Blend

After many many shots were pulled and tasted, we discovered a blend we can rave about! Our certified organic espresso beans consist of a big and bold blend of coffees, roasted medium / dark to bring out the full flavor of each of the three single-origin certified organic coffees. It is a pre-roast blend that has medium acidity, full heavy body, smooth, with a bold clean finish.

When smelling our dry beans, you will notice additional subtle notes of whiskey barrel and Madagascar vanilla beans. Once extracted, the flavors of oaky whiskey barrel, black currents, allspice, and rich tobacco leaves stand out.

Crema Specialty Coffee

The Journey of a Coffee Bean

Crema Specialty Coffee - The Journey of a Coffee Bean

Not every coffee enthusiast knows that a coffee bean is actually the pit inside of a cherry. Growing an organic specialty coffee takes great care. It requires the dedication of many people to make quality their highest priority, maintaining high standards of excellence from start to finish. Because of these dedicated professionals, we can proudly serve our certified organic specialty coffee.

Our Specialty Coffee Beans

After searching for a roaster for almost two years, we were lucky enough to find the world’s best, BJ’s Coffee Roaster located in Vancouver, WA. Our Coffee Roaster, Tim Kooistra, is a USAF veteran of 8 years, husband, father of three and grandfather of one, so far.

Tim has over 25 years in the coffee business. His experience extends from coffee retail, to coffee importer, to coffee roaster. His coffee retail experience started from a single coffee shop operation to multi-unit operations. As a specialty coffee importer Tim’s specialty is Certified Organic and Fair-Trade coffees. He has sourced some of the finest coffees available. He has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America, working with coffee producers and helping them to improve their coffee quality. In turn improving their lives, as well as producing an amazing cup of coffee.

As a Roaster Tim has owned and operated a very successful coffee roasting company in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years. Our blend of beans at Crema Specialty Coffee are the very finest specialty coffees available. Roasted fresh just for us and delivered to us as quickly and fresh as possible, just the way we like it!

BJ's Coffee Roasters - Tim Kooistra

Tim Kooisstra, USAF veteran, husband, father, grandfather, and a man who knows how to produce an amazing cup of coffee.