Crema Cares

Being involved in the community and giving back are fundamental aspects of our business. ‘Crema Cares’ is our small way to give back and support others, as we know we would never be where we are without the generous support of our employees, customers, and the community! ‘Crema Cares’ will be contributing to a variety of community programs and events throughout the year.

Want to join forces?

Interested in being part of Crema Cares? You can also help! Simply sign up for our Loyalty program, and you can donate your rewards to our ‘Crema Cares’ fund. For each program we are sponsoring, we will match all of the donated rewards at 100%.

Is there a program or community member in need?

We gladly accept suggestions from our customers, employees, and any members of the community. Following specific guidelines, we will decide as a team on what programs or community members we support.

Who we support:

We support programs that meet our giving focus areas of essential community workers and community members in need. Priority consideration will be given to organizations that have not received a donation within the calendar year. Past support for an organization does not guarantee future support.

We cannot support areas such as:

  • Political or religious organizations
  • Membership funded programs
  • For-profit organizations
Crema Cares